Sunday, September 7

Budgeting is easy, self control is hard.

Last months budget ended up terrible! We did have any money left over in our "get out of debt" fund to pay bills this month, and we even over spent a few envelopes!! I made a miscalculation with my wifes checks, One was significantly smaller then usual, and I thought she was getting 3 checks last month (instead of 2) but it is this month that she gets the extra check.

To make a long story short we blew it, but we're back on track this month right now.

In other news, I've talked about swatcash here before and after giving it a try for over a month now all I can say is wow!! This site is great and there really is money to be made here. You won't get rich quick, and you won't be able to quit your job, but they make it fun to make money! I've made $70.91 so far in a month. Now that isn't a lot of money, but I had fun doing it and the further you get into it the better it gets! I really love this site!


Momstart said...

my budget was way over last month too. Self control is impossible sometimes

erikko said...

That's what hinders me from saving eventhough my budget plan is good, I can't help myself from splurging with stuff.

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