Sunday, July 20

Blew the budget!

If you haven't been keeping up, my wife and I are on a mission to get out of debt. We're still over $30,000 in debt, but we've made a commitment to each other that we're getting out. next month our first "extra payments" will officially go on our debt, I'm really stoked about that. This month is the first month we're on a budget and it has been rough!

We're on a basic envelope budgeting system and we've broke to rules twice this week! With our system our "fun money" doesn't get funded until the end of the month because it assumes that there will be carry over from the previous month. Well to make a long story short we spent all $100 that gets put into our fun budget this week and that enevelope doesn't get officially funded until next week! We also blew all the extra tip money my wife made on a movie and a date last night (The Dark Knight is awesome by the way!). This week has been rough for our budget. We haven't dipped into our "get out of debt envelope" yet which is a good thing, be we took a "budget advance" which is not a good thing.

Hopefully next month we'll get it under control and avoid doing anything like that. So what did we blow our budget on? A Wii Fit. We went to Wal-mart and they had 5 of them. We just couldn't resist. We both wanted one and gave in to temptation (since they're like impossible to find right now)

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