Tuesday, July 8

Online Surveys for money

So recently I got involved in doing online surveys for a little extra money. Now this is definitely no get rich quick scheme, but if you have a little extra time in the evenings it can be a little extra money in your pocket. I've so far been using two survey places online. These two seemed to be the best ones when I was looking, and they have CASH payouts instead of just cheap junk that you get by amassing points.

The first is PineCone Research. You will have to search around for a "join" link (there isn't one on their homepage for some reason?!?) but it should be pretty easy to find. So far I've only gotten 1 survey from them, and I hear the average is 3-5 per month. They pay out $3 for each survey, and when you complete one they cut you a check and mail it. Seems pretty straightforward to me, though I haven't received my first payment yet.

The second one I use is Lightspeed Panel. You will have to allow popups after selecting a country because it opens in another window. This survey site gives you "points" for each survey you fill out, and once you get 575 points you can request a $5 paypal transfer or a $5 amazon gift card (a long with MANY other options). The surveys are between 150-500 points each and generally take about 15 minutes. I have recieved $5 in my paypal using this company so far so they are definately legit.

If you know of any other good options please send them my way. These two are the best I've found so far!

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