Friday, July 11

First Items were a bust!

So I put my first items up on eBay last weekend and it was awful, absolutely terrible. Out of the things I posted not only did nothing sell, but eBay canceled all my auctions! Now this is partially my fault and partially their fault and it took me all week to get everything worked out. I am primarily going to be dealing in Weapons ala Swords and Knives. I love swords and knives and I dream about fighting in medieval times. I know hollywood has glorified it all, but what I would give to be a British Archer or a Scottish Noble Swordsman.

My first items that I was trying to sell was Wolverine claws. They look awesome and I was going to make a good bit of profit on the sale of each one. I even had bids so I know they were going to sell!!! But ebay decided to tell me that it was against their policy to sell items that have 3 or more points, which include claws :-( Even though that isn't listed in their prohibited items page. Nevertheless I moved on to other swords and posted them tonight after everything finially got resolved, although not to my liking. If anyone would like to purchase a set of claws I can send you a few pictures, $40 shipped (US only) for one pair, $65 for two.

I have listed some Lord of the Rings replica swords and I'll be listing some more tomorrow as well. You can look for them on ebay, my seller name is jhildebrand2007. Look me up if you're interested in swords!

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